Friday, January 25, 2013

Men are from Jupiter, My Cat is from Mars.....or something like that

Last night I had two dreams that were almost equally weird.
Dream #1: Roman and I were flying to somewhere on a little plane that felt like it was huge. (Side note: I am terrified of flying.) I was scared out of my mind, not necessarily because we were on a plane, but because the pilot insisted on flying the plane just ten feet away from the ground. I think he thought he was flying one of those weird ships from Star Wars and felt like he needed to hover the ground like they did. Crazy pilot.  The worst part was, he kept turning around and talking to us. And every time he did, the plane would dip towards the ground or swerve toward a light pole. He did this the. entire. flight. And for whatever reason, when it came time to land our pilot took the plane waaaaay high in the air, did a couple of flips, and then nose-dived towards the landing strip. As I’m screaming my head off thinking I was about to die, he straightened the plane up and landed it like normal. Roman and I exited the plane……and I told him we were driving home.
What’s really weird is I have dreams like that all the time…where I get on a plane and the pilot insists on flying just a few feet off the ground….or he spends his time doing all sorts of crazy flips. Weird. Maybe I’m the one who wishes I was flying those weird ships from Star Wars? Or maybe I have an unconscious phobia of the weird ships from Star Wars?
Dream #2: My dad, my younger brother, Roman and I all went to Mars. We were super awesome scientists that built a super awesome space ship that could travel to Mars in only 3.5 hours. We were going to fly there, spend two hours gathering data, and then fly back. Except when we got to Mars, it looked a lot like the jungles here on Earth. And I couldn’t find my breathing apparatus that attached to my oxygen tank. Everyone else got tired of waiting for me and left me….except my little brother didn’t close the hatch all the way and Lauren (yes, my cat….apparently she lives on Mars) opened the door to come inside. So while all the oxygen is whooshing out of our space ship, I’m trying to hold my breath long enough to find the breathing apparatus. I finally found it on top of the shelf and hooked it up to the oxygen tank. Crisis averted.
Next, I had to figure out which bathing suit I was going to wear outside.  No…I’m not kidding. The data we were gathering involved us paddling out into the ocean and drawing water samples, and I didn’t want to fly back to Earth with wet clothes and sneakers. Once I finally got my bathing suit on, my flip-flops and my beach towel, I met everyone on the cruise ship. When we got waaaay out into the ocean, we boarded a little paddle boat and the cruise ship lowered us down. We paddled and paddled and paddled and paddled and finally decided that we had reached a good part of the ocean to take water samples. (Because, you know, you have to be a certain distance away from the cruise ship before the water samples are good.) Then I turned around and noticed how far away the cruise ship was now and thought about how tired I was from paddling for so long and how I didn’t want to paddle back.
Then I woke up.
Several things can be learned from this dream:
1) The government is lying to us….Mars is actually a jungle-y place with oceans…they even have cruise ships!!
2) I need to go on vacation. (A cruise would be nice….but I’d like to stay on planet Earth, please)
3) Don’t ever forget to shut the door of your space ship…..because you never know when a rogue cat could open the door.
4) (This goes along with number three….) Don’t ever lose your breathing apparatus. Always have it handy when your space ship lands on Mars. Because you never know when a rogue cat could open the door.
5) Lauren is apparently from Mars….which explains her overall weirdness and non-cat-like characteristics.

 Also, I promise I am not crazy and I do not have a secret desire to visit Mars. Remember? I’m terrified of flying….and the space ship’s pilot would probably insist on doing at least one back-flip. I hate that.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”                                                                                                   ~Philippians 4:8

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