Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cameras, Puppies and Best Friends

Yesterday was a fun day. Both for us and for Duke.

After I got off work I rushed home to get ready because me, Roman and Duke were going to get some pictures made by the talented Therese Atkinson. She is the same person who took my best friend's (Brooke) wedding photos back in February. After realizing that the last time Roman and I had any good pictures taken was at our wedding two years ago, we decided we needed to get some done soon. So, in order to avoid paying $40 a piece for graduation photo shoots at our respective colleges, we decided to get some graduation pics and some regular pics taken yesterday afternoon. It tried to sprinkle on us a few times, but we made it through without getting rained on. The pictures should be done by this weekend, but here is the sneak preview she sent us last night:


Like I said, she is SO talented. We will definitely be using her for all of our future photo shoots!

After we finished taking photos, we went over to the Massey's house. So now it's time to introduce you to Duke's best friend.

This is Midas, one of Brooke and Johnny's dogs, otherwise known as Smiley. Duke and Midas love each other. Mater, their other dog, loves Duke a whole lot too (actually a little bit too much) but we won't show you a picture of that. Not in public. Every time we go visit our best friends at their house, we bring Duke. And every time Duke sees Midas through the window, he has a whining, barking fit. As soon as the car door is opened, Duke is out in the yard running and rolling around with Midas...........and getting humped by Mater. Even though all three of the dogs are boys. We just don't understand......Mater just really loves Duke.

Anyways, here are some pictures of Midas and Duke and their version of "having fun".

Run and Play

Not sure what they were doing here

I. Will. Eat. You.

Aaaaand he's down!

Um, get back here!

You can see Mater hanging around waiting for his chance to *ahem* "attack" Duke.

So yea, that was our afternoon/evening yesterday. Tonight we have a church softball game. Hopefully I can snap some pictures and tell you all about it tomorrow!  :)

"Better to eat vegetables with people you love than to eat the finest meat where there is hate."  ~Proverbs 15:17