Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Almost Time!

I have less than an hour now before I leave work. Then it's a week long vacation for me! Wahoo!!
So yes, I know it is just so very sad, but you will have to live without me for a little over a week because I will NOT have computer access where I'm going!  :)  But no worries, I will definitely share pictures and stories with you when I get back home.

I realized today that I forgot to keep my promise to Brooke from two weeks ago. Oops.

If you remember, I was in training two weeks ago. While I was in training, Roman wanted me to write him a story. I was complaining about how sleepy I was and how I was running out of doodle ideas so he says, "Write me a story. It has to be like a fable. With a moral to the story. And characters that have names. And oh yea, over one page long." I know, bossy huh? But me, being the loving (and sleepy) wife that I was, granted his request. And then I promised Brooke that I would post the story to my blog so she could read it.....which I never did. So here it is, Brooke Massey, in all of its glory. haha.

ChenHong and the Golden Eggs

ChenHong was a little boy responsible for his father's chickens. Every morning he would wake up and feed the chickens and gather the eggs. Every evening, he would feed them again and lay new straw in their pens. One day, as ChenHong was gathering the eggs, he saw something shiny. ChenHong snatched up the shiny, egg-shaped object and stuffed it in his pocket. After giving the eggs to his mother, he ran back to the room to look at the object in private. It looked like real gold!! ChenHong wanted to be sure though, so he decided to take it to the jewelry store.

"Mr. Hully!!" exclaimed ChenHong as he burst into the store. "Calm down son, why are you running? What's going on?" ChenHong put his hands on his knees, gasped for air, and then stuttered, "I......I.....I need you to look at something. I need to know if it's real!" Mr. Hully looked confused, but held out his hand. ChenHong slowly reached into his pocket and put the egg into his hand. Mr. Hully put on some goofy looking glasses and walked back to his work station. ChenHong impatiently paced the store while Mr. Hully examined the egg. After what seemed like ages, he finally stood up and slowly walked back to ChenHong. "Where did you get this, son?" he quietly asked. ChenHong replied, "I found it, sir." Mr. Hully handed the egg back to him, "It's pure gold. You need to try and figure out who it belongs to and return it. It has incredible value." ChenHong tried to hide his excitement as he thanked Mr. Hully hurried out the door.

"I've got to find out which chicken laid this egg so I can get more!!!" he thought to himself. He was in such a hurry to get home, that he barely heard his best friend, Brian, calling his name. "ChenHong!! ChenHong??? Hey!!! Chen!!!!!!" Brian yelled as he ran after his friend. He finally got ChenHong to slow down and stop. "Where are you going so fast?" asked Brian. "I have a mystery to solve." answered ChenHong as he pulled the egg out of his pocket. "Whoa!!!" gasped Brian. "Where did you get that??" "One of my chickens laid it this morning. I took it to Mr. Hully--he said it was real!" ChenHong answered. "I'm trying to get home so I can hide it, and then tonight I'm going to camp out and see which chicken laid the egg" he continued. "Oooooh, I want to help! But are you sure we should camp out? It's supposed to storm tonight...." replied Brian. "I don't care if it rains, I want another egg. You can either help me or stay at home!" ChenHong bit back. And with that, he took off again. Brian paused to look at the darkening clouds, shrugged his shoulders, and took off after his friend.

"Mom! Me and Brian are camping out tonight!" ChenHong exclaimed as he burst through the front door and headed to his room. "Honey, it's about to storm!" his mother replied. "We'll be fine, Mom" he shouted back as he ran back outside. ChenHong stopped short when he saw Brian standing there with his mouth wide open. The nests were full of golden eggs! The boys stood there, stunned. "I want one!" shouted Brian as he ran towards the gate. "No! They're mine!" ChenHong screamed back. "I only want one! You know my Dad lost his job last week!" Brian shouted back as he shoved ChenHong. ChenHong shoved him right back, "I don't care!!"

The boys continued shoving each other and shouting as the first few drops of rain began to fall. ChenHong's mother ran outside after hearing the commotion, just in time to see ChenHong fall into the gate, busting the pen open. Suddenly, the sky lit up with lightening as there was a loud clap of thunder. The chickens frantically ran out of the pen, straight across the road, and into the woods. ChenHong shrieked and jumped to his feet, his face riddled with anger and frustration. ChenHong's mother was just as shocked, as this was the first time she laid eyes on the golden eggs.

"I'll go get my dog. Maybe he can sniff 'em out." shouted Brian as he ran back home. "My God, He has saved us!" weeped ChenHong's mother. "Your father and I will never have to work again." But ChenHong's chin hung low. He wanted an endless supply of the eggs, not a one-time deal. He stood there listlessly as his mother gathered up the eggs and scurried into the house. Brian soon showed up, but they were unable to find the chickens. The downpour of rain confused the dog and he was unable to pick up a scent.

Brian was given an egg by ChenHong's mother, and ChenHong's parents had an abundance of wealth all the rest of their days. But ChenHong remained totally consumed in the hunt for the missing chickens. Rumor has it that he still wanders the woods every morning in search of the chickens and their golden eggs.

Moral of the story: Never count your golden eggs before your chickens cross the road on a rainy day.

I know, it should be a children's book, huh?  ;)  I'm totally kidding!!

Anyways, y'all remember that you won't hear from me over the next week or so, but when I come back I'll be sure to have lots of pictures to show you!!!!  :)  :)

"He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a broken down city without a wall."   ~Proverbs 25:28

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