Monday, May 21, 2012

Mrs. Late

The title of this post is what my real last name should be. If anyone knows me even only a little bit, then they know that I am fashionably late just about everywhere I go. But no worries, one place this girl won't be late to is my cruise-vacation next week (insert muffled scream of excitement here)----okay, I'm alright now. Anyways, back to the present, er...the past. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that I am totally late on my blog posts. Let me attempt to explain....

You see, I made a post late Thursday night explaining that I was in training all week and so that means my schedule was thrown way off and then my Internet wouldn't cooperate when I did finally try to make a post. So I promised I would write a post on Friday. Only except....yea....Roman and I had date night Friday night and the last thing you should do on a date night is whip out your laptop: "Hang on honey, I know we said this night would be about you and me, but I have GOT to write a blog post right now before my millions of followers attack me in the front yard." Right. So then it was the weekend and my complete laziness/I'm-in-the-process-of-getting-sick-self took over and I didn't do much of anything. No really, I did next to nothing over the weekend. But more on that later. So that brings us to today. And as you can see, I finally got my stuffy-nosed-self  logged in to Google so I could (finally) write the next post. Whew!

So I hope you're ready to read, because I have a lot to catch you guys up on. Let's begin, shall we?

Monday night was our first official unofficial okay-maybe-official band practice. It was more like a "hey, let's (get together and play random chords and call ourselves a band) practice" sort of thing. Okay, that was harsh...the guys actually do sound really good together. We just need to get more of a strategic plan together. So here are a couple of pics I snapped from the practice.

Here is Brooke Massey looking all lovely. She will be one of the singers (along with myself) but for this practice we just sat around and looked like our lovely selves.  ;)

This is Pastor Stephen threatening to sing. (He actually sings really well.)

And here are "the guys". Johnny is playing the bass. My handsome husband, Roman, is on the drums. And then Michael and Kyle are playing the guitar. Currently the band's name is "Divine Interruption", but we are definitely open to other suggestions!!

So, there we are. Woo hoo for band practice!

As I mentioned earlier, I was in training all week. There were times when I struggled to keep myself awake, so I had to resort to writing random flow charts. I know, I'm a nerd. But I decided to snap a picture so I could share my beautiful flow chart with the world.

Hopefully you guys can read my messy hand-writing.

If anyone has worked with the government before, then you know us government-folks really really REALLY love acronyms. And so I decided (after hours of hearing a million different acronyms that I did not know) to make up my own acronym. Take that, federal government!

In other news, I made a very dumb-blonde-ish move earlier this week. It all started with a desire to cook something in my oven. For whatever reason, I decided to pre-heat my oven. (I rarely pre-heat my oven because my oven runs much hotter than usual so pre-heating just makes it easier for me to burn things.) Anyways, I totally forgot that, for the first time since we've been married, I had put something in the oven to keep it away from the cats. Several minutes later, I'm standing in my kitchen wondering what in the world that awful smell was. about melting plastic???

This was a "cake" that we bought at the cake auction (it's called a Mississippi Mud Cake--very very good!!). Ralph likes to eat food that we leave sitting out on the counter, and it was too big to put in the fridge, so I had stashed it in our oven. It used to be covered in saran wrap. Most of that melted....leaving a very awful smell throughout the house. Thank God for candles! Nobody can be perfect, right??

And this was a really great picture I snapped on my way into training. The class started at 7:30 but I don't usually get to work until 8:00 (okay fine....8:05....always late, remember?), so this was a different view of the sunrise that I normally don't get to see.

God's creation is beautiful, that's all I have to say!

And how can I have a long post without mentioning our beautiful puppy child dog, Duke?? He is almost too tall to fit under the bed so most of the time he lays side-ways. He still stinks at hide-and-seek....

And here is again....isn't he just so sweet???

But yes, I did a great big pile of nothing over the weekend. I started coming down with a cold on Saturday night, so I blame that for my complete lazy state of being over the weekend.  0:)
Here are a few pictures I snapped from Children's church on Sunday night. Our wonderful childrens' pastors hosted service that night. One of the games was to wrap up our Pastor and our youth leader in saran wrap and spray them with silly string. Then the congregation had to vote on whose "coat" was the purtiest.

Here we are getting all wrapped up. Luke was having some trouble getting started with Pastor....    I think the shower caps make a nice touch, don't you?


It appears as though Luke is doing some sort of tribal/happy dance around Pastor. Not sure what's up with that. Anyways, Johnny was dubbed the winner by the congregation. You can see how joyful he appears at his victory.

So that's all folks! Wow, that was a lot of writing. I need to not be so late next time. So yes, pray that this stupid cold goes away by the time Pastor, Christy, Roman and I embark on our cruise (6.more.days!!) and still be praying for Roman's job situation. No update at the moment but I'll be sure to keep you guys posted!!

Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. But the rich should take pride in their humiliation-since they will pass away like a wild flower." ~James 1:9-10

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