Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movers, Start Your Engines....

We have switched from a "let's get everything moved in as quick as we can because we want to" frame of mind to something more along the lines of "let's get everything moved in as quick as we can because we want to get more than five hours of sleep at night".

This is really our first time actually 'moving'. When we got married, we had our house two months before the wedding so we were slowly putting things in there. So after the wedding all we had to add was our clothes, a bed, and *shablam* we were done moving. Needless to say, this whole moving thing has been quite the experience for us.

So here's a quick round-up of some of our experiences:

Nastiest thing I've found while moving: It was really gross. It begins with "roach" and ends with "guts". In. the. bottom. of. the oven. Under my extra pizza pan that I never used. I made lots of faces. And then I scrubbed the pan. And then I made more faces.

Coolest thing I've found while moving: Never realized it, but I had a really big huge glass baking dish. It was pushed to the back of the cabinet so I never really saw it. Totally going to use that thing to make a casserole or something for the next church dinner.

Most ridiculous thing I've found while moving: A tooth. Roman's tooth, to be exact. I found it. In a bag. Inside a shoebox. It was a molar. And it was nasty. Of course, Roman still thought it was cool.

Things we've had to come to terms with while moving: Roman is a shoebox hoarder. I promise I have found at least fifteen empty shoe boxes in the back of our guest-room closet. And will he let me throw them all away? No. Why? Because we may need them one day if we move.........even though we aren't using them now. Hopefully he will be on the path to recovery soon.

Revelations I have had while moving: I have entirely too many clothes. And shoes. I've found stuff that I'm pretty sure have only been worn once. Can someone say "yard sale"?

Most annoying thing I've had to deal with while moving: My stupid knee. I finally got to where I could walk up the steps somewhat normally yesterday afternoon. But seriously, not being able to get down on the floor to pack and unpack makes for a very aggravated lower back by the end of the day.

Our biggest mistake we've made while moving: Well, it's really totally my mistake. I failed to realize that with moving comes lots of eating out and lots of extra driving. Which means we have way over-spent on our budget for the week. Thank God that we were able to save up some money this past summer, otherwise we'd be in a mess. Oopsie.

Our biggest argument we've had while moving: ............................we haven't had one. I'm really proud of that too. You could say we argued over whether we were going to hang up our little hook in the new kitchen for a dishtowel, but it wasn't really an argument. It was more of a discussion where we both thought the other person was being silly. And then we made an agreement in under 90 seconds because we knew we were both just really tired and OCD. And then we ate a bowl of cereal. Cereal is a lifesaver when you are moving. Or broke. Or both.

Moving definitely teaches you some stuff. Like how to wad up newspapers good enough so that all your glass stuff don't break. Or like how you shouldn't save your molars in shoe boxes. Or like how to budget better for when you are moving.

One thing is for sure: we've had some good memories in our double-wide trailer, but after finding the huge squashed roach in the bottom of the oven, and after constant reminders of how bad the air conditioner works compared to our new home.....we can't exactly say that we are sorry to be leaving this house. As we are working and seeing all of the gritty details of our trailer (like the mold we found after moving our washing machine....or the mushroom we found growing in our way-too-moist bathroom), we just get more and more thankful for our new place.

But seriously guys, if anyone wants to volunteer to give us a foot massage, we would totally love you forever. Just please don't talk about shoe boxes while you massage our achy feet. Or roaches. Or molars.

"But You, O Lord, are a shield around me; You are my glory, the One who holds my head high."                                                              ~Psalm 3:3

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