Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Two things:
1) Roman finished moving the rest of our house today
2) I have my last day at work tomorrow

Please excuse me while I dance around my cubicle.

Okay fine, all I did was wave my arms around for a hot second before anyone walked by my door. I'll dance better at home, m'kay?

Back to #1. Roman was able to get the rest of our junk stuff this morning before he went to work. So now we just need to do one more walk through, clean it up a little bit, yank up the fence in the backyard, and then we can turn in those set of keys. Yippee! Now we just have the ungodly task of unpacking all of that mess. And no, I will not be pulling an OCD stunt tonight by staying up until five in the morning unpacking. I learned my lesson. I'm sleepy now. And I have to go to work tomorrow. In fact, I'm actually considering not doing any unpacking tonight at all. I sort of just want to rent a movie, eat some chocolate, and camp out on the couch. Me is sleepy. We shall see.

Now to #2. Tomorrow is my last day in my current job, and I couldn't be happier. Seriously. These people have been driving me nuts this week because everyone realized I was about to be leaving so they all went "Oh My Goodness we have to get Sarah to do _____ before she leaves!!!" And they pretty much have waited until today before their brains processed this tiny little fact. My. Phone. Won't. Stop. Ringing. Right now I am suffering from 'spreadsheetitis', which is the awful effect of staring at spreadsheets for eight hours straight. Having spreadsheetitis results in the over-consumption of all things unhealthy, to include chocolate, diet coke, and ice cream. Please consult with your doctor before you begin treatment for spreadsheetitis, as it could result in a momentary lost of vision, a feeling of confusion, and even loss of memory in regards to what the sun looks like. Take it slow people, recovery takes a while.

So thanks to my current place of work, I will be here late today, early tomorrow, and I will probably gain another five pounds from the amount of chocolate and diet coke I consume over the next 24 hours. I suppose that's why I'm so sleepy and why I don't feel like going home to unpack. My brain needs a moment to remember what planet I live on and what 2 + 2 equals.

All I know is, tomorrow afternoon I will definitely be saying the whole TGIF thing, and I will totally mean every word of it. And then I will pack my stuff up, move to my new cubicle, and kiss spreadsheets goodbye. And I will not even be a little bit sorry. But until then, I need to go find a chocolate bar. Please excuse me.

"Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."~Matthew11:28

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