Friday, August 24, 2012

Watch Your Words

There are very few things that I get fired up about. Some of them include abortion, homosexuality, and abuse of both humans and animals. Okay, I lied. I think I get fired up about more than what I'm admitting. That's besides the point. But you want to know the one thing that will really get that fire burning? People talking bad about my Pastor, my Pastor's wife, my church, my husband, and just overall shaming the reputation of our God.

It's ridiculous folks. I am tired of it. My Pastor and his family have been tired of it for a long time. And did I mention that it is 100% sinful and is compared to witchcraft? No? Well it is. If you don't believe me, look it up. The Bible says in 1 Samuel 15:22-23 that rebellion against God's authority is witchcraft. And guess what? Our Pastor has been placed in authority over our church by God Himself. So when you talk bad about him and his wife, you are in exact rebellion against God, which means you are practicing witchcraft.

Satan is so very cunning. He can deceive us quickly if we are not on our guard. He is the master at deception. And he has made many of our past (and probably a few of our present) church members believe that they are doing the will of the Father by coming up with rumors and lies and spreading them like poison among our town.

I have held my peace. I have cried out to God with all of this mess in solitude. I have not addressed the issue while leading worship. I have not addressed the issue in my blog. I have not addressed the issue on my Facebook account. I have not mentioned the issue to anyone outside of the church staff and my family. I have kept quiet, not out of fear of what others may say about me (because believe me, Roman and I have had our own share of lies and insults hurled at us through all of this), but I have kept quiet because I did not want to stir the fire. I did not want to give people any fuel or make matters any worse.

That was very wrong of me. I have repented of that. Unfortunately, by keeping quiet and not publicly standing up for my Pastor and his wife, I have become as guilty as the ones whose mouths are running in the first place. I refuse to be in that boat of rebellion. I refuse to have my heart and my life open to that witchcraft and that demonic presence. I refuse to be in rebellion against my God. Which is why you are reading these words right now.

And please understand me, I do not hate or dislike anyone who has left our church, or anyone who is still at our church in any way, shape or form. I love them, I pray for them, and I hope that God opens their eyes to the trap they have fallen into. But at the same time, when such wickedness abounds, it is up to the people of God to call it like it is and expose the truth.

So here is the truth. God placed our Pastor and his wife in our church for a specific purpose. He has given them a heart for this community and a vision for our church. Yes, they are still humans so they will still make mistakes. But they have not done anything immoral, they have not disobeyed God's calling, and they have led this church in an awesome and mighty way. They are the best Pastors I have ever served under, and it is my hope and prayer that I get to be on their ministry team for the rest of my life. Seriously.

Sweet people, can you not see that God wants to do something mighty with our church, and that Satan is throwing everything he has to keep it from happening? Can you not see that at this moment in time, he seems to be succeeding? He has taken people, good people, people with a great calling on their lives, and twisted their hearts away from God and away from His calling. He has taken this group of people by a subtle deception which grew into an outright rebellion. There is still hope for them if they would just repent, but for now it is up to us to close our ears to their deceptive words. The enemy will keep talking as long as we are willing to keep listening. So stop listening!!! Stand up for God! Stand up for truth!!

I dare the face and the heart of God. Truly dig deep into His Word and ask Him to show you His heart. Stop listening to all of this crap and turn your ears towards Him. I can 100% promise you that if you do, He will tell you these claimed "revelations of God" that are being spoken are false and are coming straight from the mind of Satan. And for goodness sakes, speak up and tell some folks the truth!!

I do not know how to make this anymore plain to you. God has a vision and a mission for the city of Camilla. He has given it to our church. But He will not hold it here forever. If we cannot shut out Satan's work in our hearts and run after God's plan for us, He will take the vision to another church. His blessings will fall from our lives. He will  turn us completely over to the enemy. There will be no miracles. There will be no prophecies. There will be no work of the Spirit. There will be no growth. There will only be gossip. Lies. Deceit. And ultimately spiritual death. Remember, witchcraft cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. So do we really want to keep going down this path?

I am tired of the only "news" being who else has left the church and what new rumors are spreading about our leadership. I want to be talking about the miracles of God and how He is moving in our church!! I want to see His presence flood our worship services and take over our hearts. I'm tired of seeing our church stuck in this crap. And I can promise you, our Pastor and his wife are even more tired of it than I am. So let's all go take a shower and get cleaned up so we can talk about more pleasant smelling things. Please??

God will not wait forever. And I can tell you now, the clock is ticking and there is not much time left before He moves on. So repent. Watch your words. Guard your ears. Guard your hearts. Seek God. And let's get some work done.....there is so much work to be done.

"But Samuel replied, 'What is more pleasing to the LORD: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to His voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams. Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols. So because you have rejected the command of the LORD, he has rejected you as king.'"                                              ~1 Samuel 15:22-23

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