Monday, March 18, 2013

Cleany Cleany Clean Clean

Friday afternoon before I left work, I cleaned my desk. It’s strange now…I sort of miss my dust bunny friends.
It’s just weird not having that fine thick layer of dust all over everything.
Over the weekend I cleaned out, washed and vacuumed my car. I was scared for a minute there that I was going to get lost in the pile of jackets and napkins in my backseat, but I survived. Whew.
I also washed and put up every piece of laundry in. my. house. (Five loads, people. Five. Loads.) I then proceeded to clean my entire house. And I’m not talking about just putting things up and washing my dishes. Oh no, that’s much too novice for this over-achieving young adult. I dusted. I cleaned out the fridge. I scrubbed the countertops. I cleaned the bathtub. I cleaned the shower. I cleaned our bathroom as well as the guest bathroom. I wiped down our leather couch. I vacuumed. I even lint-rolled the comforter (there is still dog fur….just not as much.)
So as it stands on this cloudy Monday morning: My car is clean. My house is clean. My desk at work is clean. I showered this morning, which means I am clean too. I even fixed my hair today, put on a dress, AND I’m wearing lipstick. HOLY CRAP WHAT IS GOING ON??!?? 
My life should not be this organized on a Monday morning. If it makes any of you feel any better, I was still late for work this morning….despite having my lunch ready the night before and having my clothes laid out. Feel better? No? Love me anyways.
“But all things should be done decently and in order.”  ~1 Corinthians 14:40

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