Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Blog Announcement!

Holy moly. The past two days have been insane!
So……if you haven’t heard already……the new blog is up! I announced it on Facebook Tuesday night and sent out a bunch of invitations to some of my friends for them to go like the new Facebook page and check out my first post, but the blog was not actually “ready” until yesterday evening because I was still playing with internet code and all that wonderful stuff.
I actually didn’t mean to launch the site for public view until I actually finished playing with code (so sorry if you’ve visited a few times and have seen fifty different versions of the same site), but then a few things happened:
1.       I realized there was no way I could see how the website looked on multiple computers unless I went ahead and published it.
2.      I already had a post written and ready to go.
3.      I accidentally hit “launch” and published it before it was ready. Oops.
I must say, that was probably one of the most complicated things I’ve ever done. I am no technological expert (see #3 above), so learning how to write Internet code in order to fix certain aspects of the new site was like learning how to read Chinese. Only except the Chinese use actual WORDS when they speak and not symbols like { > : {   ….that kind of looks like a frowny face. Totally unintentional.
Anyways, the new blog is called Faith, Marriage & Family. The main goal of the blog is to encourage women in all the major aspects of life: our walk with the Lord, our marriages, and our families. Not married? That’s totally cool. I’ll be talking just as much about living a godly life as I will about marriage. Don’t have kids? That’s cool too, because I don’t either (yet). So until I do I’ll just cover topics like what to do when you have a “trouble-maker” in the family, or should you lend family money or what to do when you have bad in-laws (note: my in-laws are awesome!). Not a woman? That’s still cool. Feel free to check it out because I’m sure many of my posts will be helpful to you guys as well. And if not, you can still hang out here. Life with the Casterlines is not going anywhere.  :)
Like I mentioned before in this post, I plan to post here three times a week in addition to running the new blog. It’s just that this new blog will share a lot less personal details (such as my last name in the title) and will be a little more focused. You still get to enjoy my ADD here though. Congratulations.  O.o
Seriously, thank you to everyone who has already supported me. The response to the new blog announcement was amazing and very encouraging. So many of you have encouraged me over the past year and two months as I’ve started writing and it means so much to me. I love you guys!
So, without further ado, please check out the new blog by clicking here. And if you haven’t already, click on over to Facebook and like the new page by clicking here.  :)  :)

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!" ~2 Corinthians 5:17

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