Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Day After Memorial Day

My dad served for twenty years in the Army, but that was before I was born. He was not a typical retired officer: he didn’t force our family to adhere to a strict schedule. He didn’t make me and my brother fold our clothes or make our beds like they did in the Army. In fact, I think the only time I ever saw the true “Army side” of my dad come out is when he called my ex-boyfriend and told him to leave his baby girl alone. And that was more funny than it was anything else. Even though my dad served for twenty years, I did not grow up an “Army brat”, so I honestly cannot really relate to the families of other military members.
However, I do work on a Marine base, and that changes things for me. I work with countless Marines, a Navy officer, and who knows how many retired military men and women. These people are my friends. I’ve watched them get shipped off to a war overseas. I’ve learned about their spouses and children and parents. We joke about sequestering the coffee mess and we play pranks on each other. I work with some really great people, and I’m proud to have a small part in something so much bigger than me.
Yesterday was Memorial Day. I saw countless Facebook statuses showing support of our military, and it was really great. But let me encourage you on this: don’t forget our military men and women and their families. We often fail to tell them how much we appreciate them unless it’s on a national holiday, but they deserve much more respect than that. Regardless of what you think about our president, or our government, or whether we should be fighting in a war or not, our past and present service members need the support of this country. They need to know they are appreciated. They need to be prayed for. They need to see our love and pride for them.
So as we head into the official start of summer (and as I sit here starting at my computer with sleepy eyes), don’t forget about those who sacrifice to keep our nation as great as it is. Thank a veteran. Thank a service member. And above all else, pray for God to bless them and keep them safe as they fight for our freedom.
To all my readers who have served/are serving: THANK YOU!!!!!
“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” ~John 15:13

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